What is Keto?

Keto is a reference to the process in which your body converts fats into Ketone bodies, which can then be used as an alternative energy source to the sugars your body gets from carbs. 

The real treat comes from the hormone changes that reduce hunger, decrease the rate at which the body stores fat and a whole slew of other positive effects…

How to get started with Keto

The Ketogenic Diet So you want to know what all this keto stuff your friend keeps talking about is? In this article I breakdown the basics of keto!

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Keto can be used for both weight loss and muscle gain, figuring out where you want to end up is the start point of course!.

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Proper preparation prevents poor performance… It’s easy to screw up Keto if you wing it, so I’m going to show you how to truly plan things properly. 

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You’ve decided what you want to eat, and now comes that lovely task of preparing everything ahead of time to make sure you always have your food!

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You’ve finished all the startup, you have your meals prepared and now it’s time to follow through with it so what can you expect and what are some tips?

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So you got past your first week, you conquered the Keto flu and are meal prepping like a wizard. How do you track your progress?

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Most frequent questions and answers

The number one question I hear about keto is whether or not the diet is actually safe for the body. It’s definitely a fair question as of course being an alternative eating lifestyle it’s going to radically change the way you think about your food and your body in general. While there is not a lot of recorded data on the long term effects of a ketogenic diet, as thousands of people can attest it does work and it hasn’t killed them. The only people who need to really be concerned about what the diet will do to them are people with Kidney / Liver issues. 

There are a million different diets out there, however none of them truly effect the body in the same way ketosis does. With this diet you are not only changing how much calories you eat or when you eat. You are rewiring the way your body operates by forcing it to adapt to a new fuel system. This change in the body not only affects the way your body creates energy but also the way it stores it. By switching to a keto diet your hormone levels will shift causing you to be less hungry, store less fat and a whole slew of other great mental effects.

While nothing can beat the sheer cost effectiveness of a bowl of rice, Keto will by no means break the bank as most of it’s staple foods are ultra cheap. (i.e. bacon and eggs) With a simple costco membership, some containers for meal prepping and one of our handy nutrition plans and you’ll be eating at less then 5$ a day easily.

No you will not, I myself am proof of that. On a ketogenic diet not only is it a possibility to build muscle but it actually might even be easier due to the effects it has on your hormone levels. Without excess insulin spikes from eating carbohydrates your body will be storing less fats and in turn due to the more efficient use of ketones the body is capable of allocating more resources towards muscle repair and growth.

Spaghetti, at least for me was my absolute favorite meal not being able to consume my baby is probably the toughest part about it. At the end of the day, it’s really just like regular eating except you just aren’t allowed to touch that bowl of pasta, or fries, or potatoes. This one is a self-disciplined concept, you will feel sick leaving and entering a ketogenic state switching from one energy source to the other takes a few days and is not a fun process.Thus it makes cheating that much worse for you then on a regular diet. If that’s something you can’t handle then that would be the biggest catch for you.