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The Quest for Optimal Health 14

The Quest for Optimal Health #14

More computer troubles, diet changes and an injury… Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Well I'm back...

It’s been an interesting two weeks, I had more PC troubles inhibiting my ability to write then I just got a bit lazy and forgot to blog. I haven’t however stopped working out or eating my measured foods!

I did however injure my knee

I was pushing up in weights really hard and either through an individual exercise or the combined weight from all my leg exercises I hurt my knee. It was painful to stand on it at work for about a week and it’s been getting better since then. If by Wednesday it feels better I’ll give leg day another shot but for now I’m on break. I’m quite sure the culprit was my squat…

 I’ve also dropped keto o.0, I redid my bmr and weight calculations after realizing I was only 5″9 at the doctors. The weight level I should aim for was around 155 instead now. Seeing as I’ve reached 152 and when you get off keto water weight pops back in I decided to stop where I was. I’ve always wanted to go vegetarian and just decided to take the plunge!

Gym Cycle

Chest press (Lock set at 3
First set 100lb 6 rep ✔️
Second set 100lb 6 rep ✔️
Third set 100lb 6 rep🔥

Shoulder press (Lock set at 8)
First set 70lb 6 rep ✔️
Second set 70lb 6 rep ✔️
Third set 70lb 6 rep 🔥

Tricep pulldown
First set 66lb 6 Rep🔥
Second set 66lb 4 rep 🔥
Third set 60 6 rep ✔️

Chest flys (Lock set at 3)
First set 160lb 6 rep🔥
Second set 140lb 6 rep ✔️
Third set 140lb 6 rep

Shoulder pulldown
First set 187lb 3 rep 🔥
Second set 170lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 170lb 6 rep 🔥

Tricep dumbbell kickbacks
First set 35lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 30lb 6 rep✔️
Third set 30lb 6 rep✔️


Wide grip Pull ups 24/15/11🔥🔥✔️
Did them close grip last week corrected this week 🔥

Bicep (Hammer) curls
Tried the 40’s couldn’t get them up…
First set 35lb 6 rep ✔️
Second set 35lb 6 rep✔️
Third set 35lb 6 rep ✔️

Seated row (Lock set at 3)
Set 1 140lb 6 rep 🔥
Set 2 120lb 6 reps✔️
Set 3 120lb 6 rep✔️

Bilateral arm curl
First set 80lb 6 rep
Second set 80lb 6 rep
Third set 80lb 6 rep

10 minutes (10lb weight added)


Postponed until injury is healed

So what's new this cycle?

The first thing you are probably wondering is why no more keto? I always knew at some point I’d be going vegetarian and funny enough looking at my diet I think I’ve actually ended up vegan inadvertently. I don’t like the way my body feels upon meat consumption and just decided to cut it.

I hit the goal weight 😀

While the goal weight is much smaller then I’d originally thought it would be I’m really happy where I’m at, I never wanted to be a monstrous meathead machine so I think this is a good stopping point. It’s only going to be 12lbs heavier (once the water weight jumps back on) then I was at the start so 12lbs gained in two months is where I’ll be at.

Physically I’ll be paying close attention to how my mind and body feel and if i’m not enjoying the feeling I’ll jump back to Keto 100% but as it stands I feel more or less the same except I don’t get all bogged down when eating anymore and feel a little bit lighter morally as well.

That’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks, I’m going to make a concentrated effort on posting to my blog more last month I really wanted to get my instagram rhythm down and I did now it’s time to get the website back up to speed!

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