The Quest for Optimal Health #13

The Quest for Optimal Health #13

My computer was tanked so we’re a bit behind but… Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

It's been a while!

Technology really blows sometimes… My SSD burnt out and just spontaneously died on me T_T. I was without my computer for over a week however we are back in action now and I haven’t stopped my progress whatsoever though I did unfortunately have a slight delay…

I caught a cold, changed the diet and more! 

Sickness is never fun, and while it did stop me for a few days I hit the gym right after I started feeling better and all it did was squeeze my workout cycles a bit closer together again for the week but we’re back to normal now. In total I ran two cycles during the past two weeks as planned :).

I’ve also tweaked my diet, I really don’t enjoy eating all that much and after some thorough research I found a way to simplify my eating process while not sacrificing on Keto or my macros :D.

Gym Cycle

Chest press (Lock set at 3
First set 90lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 90lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 90lb 6 rep 🔥

Shoulder press (Lock set at 8)
First set 70lb 6 rep
Second set 70lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 70lb 4 rep 🔥

Tricep pulldown
First set 55lb 6 rep
Second set 55lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 55 6 rep 🔥

Chest flys (Lock set at 3)
First set 140lb 6 rep
Second set 140lb 6 rep
Third set 140lb 5 rep 🔥

Shoulder pulldown
First set 165lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 165lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 165lb 4 rep 🔥

Tricep dumbbell kickbacks
First set 30lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 25lb 6 rep
Third set 25lb 6 rep


Wide grip Pull ups 20/13/10 🔥🔥

Bicep (Hammer) curls
First set 35lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 35lb 6 rep🔥
Third set 35lb 6 rep 🔥

Seated row (Lock set at 3)
Set 1 140lb 6 rep 🔥
Set 2 120lb 6 reps
Set 3 120lb 6 rep

Bilateral arm curl
First set 80lb 6 rep🔥
Second set 80lb 6 rep🔥
Third set 80lb 5 rep🔥
So close to 6 but I literally couldn’t move my arm up anymore… Next week for sure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

6 minutes (10lb weight added) 🔥

Lying Leg curl
First set 90KG 6 rep ✔️ (MAX)
Second set 90KG 6 rep✔️(MAX)
Third set 90KG 6 rep✔️(MAX)

Sitting Leg curl
First set 170lb 6 rep 🔥
Second set 170lb 6 rep🔥
Third set 170lb 6 rep🔥

Leg extension
First set 220lb 6 rep🔥
Second set 220lb 6 rep 🔥
Third set 220lb 6 rep 🔥

Leg press
First set 340 6 rep🔥
Second set 340 6 rep🔥
Third set 340 6 rep🔥

Squat rack
First set 140 6 rep🔥
Second set 140 6 rep🔥
Third set 140 6 rep🔥

So what's new this cycle?

Just two weeks later I can already see a huge visual difference from my last progress post which is pretty cool. My abs are becoming visible even without flexing and I feel much stronger overall. It’s been quite the journey so far and yet I’ve barely stepped out of the gates for the race continues.

I changed up the diet hard!

I’m now eating a much simpler meal plan Olive oil 150ml a day, 3 scoops of whey. I mix the olive oil 50ml at a time with the whey for a delicious fat filled protein filled drink, I find this much easier and less time consuming then the eggs were and being lactose intolerant I really needed to get rid of the cheese and heavy cream from my diet. Also on the days I work I’ll be eating ~600 calories from either beef/pork/chicken w/ guacamole and off work I’ll be using the same canned breasts for now till I find an alternative. Also twice a day I eat 100mg of Almond butter capping out at just about the same calories as I was eating before with a much simpler prep time / eat time.

I know this may seem strange to some of you readers, but it’s working well and I did my research before I tried it so trust me on it :D. Also a note I think my scale doesn’t quite work as well as advertised I notice when I go pee I drop 2%+ body fat as I definitely don’t think I’m running 13.5%…?

It feels good to be back online and writing again, I’m excited to see progress piling on my body and I can’t wait to get back into the gym again monday for Cycle #9. The 21 day keto challenge failed no one signed up so that’ll be postponed until the website audience grows…

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