The Quest for Optimal Health #12

The Quest for Optimal Health #12

Another progression update!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Rest and gains

This week I decided to up my rest times, I got to the next cycle and realized I was in no shape to work out I was fucking rekt. I took some time to do some reading on optimal rest times, after digging through dozens of pubmed studies I came to the conclusion that I was overtraining quite severely.

1 Day is not enough rest

Sure there are people that say you need to work out every day, but I know to listen to my body and every day except that day I felt fired up. It wasn’t laziness or any other bullshit excuse I just realized today was not the day. So flash forward a few days I decided to switch my routine up to Monday-Thursday, this had another positive effect being that going and working friday/saturday/sunday after gyming was always a pain as it’s much busier at work and being exhausted on the busiest days sucks ass.

The real interesting part is I noticed a physical shift in my muscle mass each of those rest days. It felt almost as if my body was waiting for a time to actually rest to start growing my muscles. I’m real happy with the results I’ve been getting and I’m even up to eating 3500 calories now!

Gym Cycle

18 days of workouts the grind continues…

Chest press (Lock set at 3
First set 70lb 6 rep
Second set 70lb 6 rep
Third set 70lb 6 rep

Shoulder press (Lock set at 8)
First set 70lb 6 rep
Second set 60lb 5 rep
Third set 60lb 5 rep

Tricep pulldown
First set 55lb 6 rep
Second set 49lb 6 rep
Third set 49lb 5 rep

Chest flys (Lock set at 3)
First set 140lb 6 rep
Second set 120lb 5 rep
Third set 120lb 4 rep

Shoulder pulldown
First set 143lb 6 rep
Second set 143lb 6 rep
Third set 120lb 6 rep

Tricep dumbbell kickbacks
First set 25lb 6 rep
Second set 20lb 6 rep
Third set 20lb 6 rep



Bicep curls
First set 30lb 6 rep
Second set 20lb 6 rep
Third set 20lb 6 rep

Wide grip Pull ups 12/7/6

Seated row (Lock set at 3)
Set 1 100lb 6 rep
Set 2 100lb 6 reps
Set 3 100lb 6 rep

Bilateral arm curl
First set 60lb 6 rep
Second set 60lb 6 rep
Third set 60lb 6 rep

10inute grind


Lying Leg curl
First set 85kg 6 rep
Second set 85kg 6 rep
Third set 85kg 6 rep

Sitting Leg curl
First set 140lb 6 rep
Second set 140lb 6 rep
Third set 140lb 6 rep

Leg extension
First set 140lb 6 rep
Second set 150lb 6 rep
Third set 150lb 6 rep

Leg press
First set 300 6 rep
Second set 300 6 rep
Third set 300 6 rep

Squat rack
First set 125 6
Second set 125 6 rep
Third set 125 6 rep


So what's new this cycle?

I’ve now broken into the 3500 calorie range, this should ensure I am gaining around 2lbs a week. Meaning with that rate I should hit my previous top weight of 170 in just 6 more weeks :D. 

The goal for me is ~170-180 I’ll see how I feel and look…

I still definitely suffer from some fucked up body dysmorphia though I am handling it much better now. It sounds stupid but at the end of the night even knowing my belly is simply full of food I look down and think I’m getting fat.

This shit has probably been the hardest part for me, and will continue to be but just as I conquered the eating I’ll be getting my head straight eventually. I know I’m not fat by any stretch of the word I mean assuming the scale is 1-3% inaccurate I’m more then likely actually 10% or less bodyfat which is fucking the absolute furthest thing from being fat. Yet when I look down at my stomach at the end of the day…

The journey continues, I had a meeting with a nutritionist at my hospital and was going to include the info here but as I’ve been sick and everything kind of got off track I’ll be doing a whole post on that by itself. Until next time lads 😀

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