The Quest for Optimal Health #11

The Quest for Optimal Health #11

Another progression update!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Slow and steady

How have things changed?

Fuck eating is still a bitch, it’s the hardest part for me… I know most people eat with ease but forcing down 3000 calories is a serious struggle for me. Today I’ve eaten almost all my calories and I’m dreading the eggs and cheese I have to eat after writing this blog post…

Hopefully it gets easier sooner then later.

Amazingly I’m still keeping at it. I don’t cheat I eat the same food everyday with a minor snack every now and then. It’s become quite the routine at this point. I went and saw my doctor yesterday we chatted about what I’ve been up to with this diet she checked out my bloodwork and told me I should probably increase carb intake but she is not too knowledgeable on keto itself and didn’t want to comment on what she doesn’t know. She’s booked me an appointment with her hospitals nutritionist to discuss!

I bought an epic scale below is the results it provides!

Gym Cycle

15 days of workouts now and it’s become straight routine, I fucking love the gym and wish I had more time to dedicate to working out but of course eating being the majority of the results you see from working out I simply have to keep eating…

 Chest press (Lock set at 3

First set 70lb 6 rep
Second set 60lb 4 rep
Third set 60lb 3 rep

Shoulder press (Lock set at 8)
First set 70lb 4 rep
Second set 60lb 6 rep
Third set 60lb 4 rep

Tricep pulldown
First set 55lb 3 rep
Second set 49lb 6 rep
Third set 49lb 5 rep

Shoulder pulldown
First set 120lb 6 rep
Second set 120lb 6 rep
Third set 120lb 6 rep

Chest flys (Lock set at 3)
First set 120lb 6 rep
Second set 120lb 6 rep
Third set 120lb 4 rep

Tricep dumbbell kickbacks
First set 20lb 6 rep
Second set 20lb 6 rep
Third set 20lb 6 rep
Wide grip Pull ups 13/7/6
Bilateral arm curl
First set 60lb 6 rep
Second set 60lb 6 rep
Third set 60lb 6 rep
Seated row (Lock set at 3)
Set 1 100lb 6 rep
Set 2 100lb 6 reps
Set 3 90lb 6 rep

Bicep curls
First set 30lb 6 rep
Second set 20lb 6 rep
Third set 20lb 6 rep

9minute grind
Leg day
Lying Leg curl
First set 85kg 6 rep
Second set 80kg 6 rep
Third set 80kg 6 rep

Sitting Leg curl
First set 110lb 6 rep
Second set 110lb 6 rep
Third set 100lb 6 rep

Leg extension
First set 130lb 6 rep
Second set 130lb 6 rep
Third set 130lb 6 rep

Leg press
First set 270 6 rep
Second set 270 6 rep
Third set 270 6 rep

Squat rack
First set 130 4 rep
Second set 120 6 rep
Third set 120 6 rep

So what's new this cycle?

I bought a wicked new scale, it measures all the metrics you saw in the image above. Other then that nothing really new this cycle, I’m going to have to run a costco mission in the next few days as I’m running out of cheese, walnuts and chicken! That’ll be fun 😀

More food…

I don’t think it’s really possible for me to articulate properly just how hard the eating part is for me. Even now when I look in the mirror I see my stomach and think fat, it makes me want to not eat. Problem is I know I have to eat so I have to overwrite the urge to not eat and force it down…. 

I tested my ketosis level and I’m above 4.0 mmoL/L which is completely in keto so it’s nice to know and have verified confirmation that my diet has at least got me into ketosis efficiently. It’s time to go eat…

Progress is adding up and piling on, I just need to keep at it… 🙂

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