21 day keto 21

Welcome to day 21 of
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Today is the final day, it’s time to celebrate!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni


I’m so proud of you, truly keto is not an easy diet and you not only had the bravery to make a change in your life you did it on ultra-hard difficulty. Only a chosen few will have even made it this far, the amount of people that actually manage to stick to something like this is few and far between.

You are so amazing!

It’s been a rough 3 weeks I bet, you survived the keto flu and learned how to track your nutrition. You stuck to something long enough for it to become a habit and that habit is now catapulting your life forward in the right direction. Whether or not you hit your goal is irrelevant you made it this far and are clearly capable of going all the way moving forward.

I wish I could shake your hand or give you a sweet high five or heck even a big hug to show you how happy I am you made it this far. It’s been no easy task but you did it, well technically you still have the rest of today but that must seem like the blink of an eye after lasting this long. Congratulations!

It's time to

It all comes down to this! If you’ve followed my meal plan you have absolutely lost weight, if you created your own as long as you were in a caloric deficit of 500 calories or more you will notice a difference. Everyone will have a different result as no two bodies are the same but it’s time.

Step on that scale, and hit the mirror for that after-selfie.

I’d truly love to have those numbers and before and after pictures, even if you don’t want me to post them on this blog send them to me. Every time someone completes the challenge and sees results it makes me feel happy as can be knowing I helped you achieve a result. Send it on!

You should feel so proud of yourself as I keep saying, this was not easy and you made it ALL the way through. You’ve entered and maintained the state of Ketosis for several weeks now, learned how to track and count your macros and micros and of course took that first step towards self improvement.

Now your

It’s time for you to head off into the world on your own, this will be the last piece for you to read through going forward. It’s up to you to decide your nutrition plan, it’s up to you to keep yourself disciplined and of course it’s on you to decide if you even want to continue with Keto!

But you don’t have to leave me!

This blog isn’t just for Keto, WSB is dedicated to helping people build up every aspect of their life you just happened to stumble upon our keto content. Soon (at the time of writing) we will be adding finance courses, wellness courses and so many more amazing things planned to help you evolve not only your health but your mind and soul. Feel free to click the picture of me below to subscribe to our normal mailing list and stay up to date with all of our latest releases.

I hope you enjoyed this process, I hope you’re happy with the results and most importantly I hope you decide to keep things going and pushing forward towards your goal. Keto is an incredible lifestyle and it really is life changing for some people. I wish you the best on your journey from here on out.

Sincerely with Love,

Cassius Fragomeni

That was Day 21, You are on your own from here on out. Below are some links to the other keto resources on this site. Good luck and congratulations for making it all the way through.

You are amazing <3

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