21 day keto 19

Welcome to day 19 of The 21 Day Keto Challenge​

Today we’re going to diverge a bit away from keto for a bit of mindfulness.

 Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

You've developed

I want to take this post to talk a bit about the transformation that’s occurred in your life. When you first clicked that banner you were in a position where you finally decided to step over the edge and jump off that cliff. You didn’t know if there was still a bungee cord stuck on your leg that would snap you back to your normal like nothing happened but instead…

Your parachute opened

It takes a lot of mental courage to decide to embark on something like this, you shifted your lifestyle and began to adjust everything you were doing in your diet. That was no easy task, and making it through 19 days of that was not easy, the reason this challenge is 21 days is that tried and true old saying “It takes 21 days to build a habit”.

You are almost there and I really want you to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, seriously this was no small task and you’ve been kicking ass at it. It may have been tough along the way, you probably wanted to quit during the flu period and you’ve definitely had to refuse delicious food. From your friends and family members and that shit took DISCIPLINE.

You've learned

Before starting keto, you probably have tried to count calories but never to the extent required with keto. You’ve learned what all the macro nutrients that your body uses are and how they work in your body. The knowledge you gained along this road will be useful in every aspect of your diet even if you decide against continuing on the keto road.

Some of that science stuff was really complicated too!

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate I mean just saying that word to people will blow their mind xD. You learned everything about the ketogenic process, how the diet actually works on a physiological level, the changes it makes to your body and how your hormones are regulated. Fundamentally you are pretty much ready to go on your own moving forward, you know what to do and how.

Even if you quit keto after the challenge, you won’t be able to look at a nutrition label the same. You’ve learned to scrutinize ingredients and avoid things that you know are unhealthy, that’s a real accomplishment on your part and I’ve already said it but you need to feel proud of what you’ve done!

You've lost

For those who followed the meal plan I provided you will have seen anywhere from 5-15lbs of weight loss that’s a fucking accomplishment if I ever saw one. If you created your own meal plan and didn’t lose quite as much, you most definitely lost weight as long as you were eating a deficit.

Personally I lost almost 30lbs in my first month (~1500 caloric deficit).

My progress obviously was a bit intense as I chose a severe deficit, but I also know that that was unreasonable for most people and built the meal plan for only 1000 caloric deficit. Stil enough to see major results especially if you came from a 3000+ calorie diet like many people do.

The sheer feeling of getting on a scale and seeing that number drop over time is incredible and I hope you’ve gained the courage to keep it going. Even if you still need to lost another 10/20/50/100 or even more weight know that this process will work and you’ve proven it to yourself!

That was Day 19, I hope you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far. Tomorrow we’re going to do a recap of some of the key information we’ve accumulated to get you set for moving forward on your own with keto!

Have a super day, catch you in the morning!

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