21 day keto 18

Welcome to day 18 of The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Today we’re going to talk about your friends… Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Your friends and

By now you’ve been on this diet for long enough that the people around you have taken notice, you’ve lost some weight pretty quickly and your close friends or co-workers have begun to see and ask questions or make comments. We’re going to discuss how to handle the barrage of Q’s!

What is Keto?

It’s a question you will hear a lot while on the diet, at my work i’ve been dubbed with the nickname “Keto”. You might be discouraged hearing something like that but for me it’s a badge of honor. It’s not an easy diet and by no means is it for everyone so for people to recognize that you have chosen keto as your lifestyle and have been sticking to it I think that’s cool.

Supporting the friends that would like to try it is a great concept, your co-workers or friends might have heard of the diet, seen your results and want in but how do you introduce them to Keto? Well depending on the type of person you are you can either explain it to them and guide them yourself!

All this started with that

If you are on this page you’ll no doubt have clicked that banner at some point in time. One of the easiest ways to help your friend get started is simply get them to sign up to the same 21 day challenge you’re almost finished right now! Simply send them a link to my websites keto page.

It got you here, so why wouldn’t it help them?

If you are feeling confident enough in your knowledge of keto from all these lessons and want to guide them yourself out of desire or you simply know they won’t follow along with these emails go for it! Just remember to keep them informed and to transfer as much knowledge as possible.

Keto is a diet that’s really easy to fuck up, you misread a label or worse eat out somewhere not knowing the ingredients end up with a boat load of sugar in your system and bamn you’ve been knocked out of ketosis. It’s important that you explain these concepts to them and you teach them the habits you have learned and developed along the way so they can succeed.

At the end of the day it's their

Think back to highschool, when you were forced to read books for classes. I’m a huge fan of history I watch ww2 documentaries like no tomorrow and those old history channel documentaries are my babies. Yet when I was forced into watching them in class I fucking hated every minute of it.

You can’t make someone change their life, don’t even try.

Diet is especially a touchy topic with some people, and while you may be seeing incredible results your friend might not be ready to even accept the fact that they are overweight. Don’t push people into things they aren’t ready for, when someone is ready to get healthy and get into shape they will ask the questions for themselves. 

When someone does open up remember how you felt at the start, you were probably nervous a little scared even. Those feelings will be what your friend is feeling to and that’s okay, guide them through the process if they are interested and help support them along the way but don’t police them!

That was Day 18, you are almost there a few more days and you will have completed the challenge. Hang in there and remember when you reach the top, reach back and pull someone else up but only if they’ve got their hands out!

Have a lovely day, see you tomorrow!

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