21 day keto 17

Welcome to day 17 of
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Can you do this long term? Today we are going to discuss this idea… Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Long term sustainability of

You’ve survived the first few weeks of keto, you managed to stick to a diet that requires a strict level of discipline but what comes next? Now is the time to reflect upon whether or not you want to do this for an extended period of time.

If you are truly enjoying this diet and it’s not a struggle to restrict carbohydrates then the answer of course is real simple keep at it. But some people truly are not meant for keto, whether it’s a lack of discipline, resources or just a love for good ol’ fashioned McDonalds french fries.

You really need to ask yourself is this for me? I personally know I won’t be able to do keto forever, I’m interested in the results that will come attempting to bodybuild on it but I know at some point I’m just going to get tired of not being able to eat Spaghetti. What is your break point?


The result for me and my mediation debate was yes it was helping and I have stuck to it since. Going as faras 2 hour meditative trances. Personally I will be attempting Keto bodybuilding so if I don’t see results on par with my precious bodybuilding attempts then I will change it up. If you are doing Keto for weight-loss like most people the real question is.

Really think to yourself if this is for you.

I don’t want to suggest that you quit before the end of the challenge as you committed to the challenge so you might as well see it through. But you should really take inventory of your mind and body and ask yourself whether or not you would like to continue with the diet long term.

If the diet is for you, you probably are enjoying the keto meals and are becoming obsessed with the process of weighing your food counting your macros. To some that’s the worst part but I actually enjoy the calculated portions of Keto. So if your anything like me you will be able to stick to it.

Is it

There is not a lot of research on prolonged long term ketogenic diet subjects, we don’t know if you do keto for 20 years if it unlocks some superhuman BHB enhanced state of body or if your body will suffer from running off of fats only.

What we do know is that it at least for a few years nothing happens.

That means you are definitely safe on keto for at least 5 years, anyone eating a keto caloric deficit will most definitely completely hit their goals. With discipline and measured foods there is no way you wouldn’t lose the weight you wanted even if you were 500+ lbs. So at the end of the day the only deciding factor is can you do it?

Carbs are delicious, and it’s really hard to resist at first but the longer you go on keto and the more recipes you learn and alternative foods become your preference over time it doesn’t feel like a diet and it simply becomes a lifestyle. So if you haven’t been miserable these past weeks chances are you can make it through even a few years of keto to reach your goals!

That was Day 17, I know it seems a bit weird to think about quitting this early on but this is a tough diet and if you know you can’t stick to it you’ll be better off on a regular caloric restricted diet. However for those who are persistent, committed and consistent they will see results and I highly recommend it!

I hope you have an incredible day I’ll see you in the morning 🙂

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