21 day keto 16

Welcome to day 16 of The 21 Day Keto Challenge

You’ve been hard at work so its time for a treat! Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

It's time for some

It’s been a long road, (hopefully) you’ve been committed to counting your macro’s and have seen some progress. Today as a reward for your hard work I’ve got some delicious treats you can chef up and enjoy this week.

Set your tastebuds to yum!

A forewarning, just because you are eating some delicious treats doesn’t mean you can forget your macros. Don’t overindulge or you might ruin all the hardwork you’ve done up until now. With that out of the way…

No more science reading today

Just a

That was Day 16, tomorrow we’re going to have a discussion on the long term possibilities of keto. I know you may have a lot more weight to lose then is possible in 21 days and we’ll be discussing long term sustainability of Keto!

Have a fucking amazing day. I’ll see you then 🙂

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