The Quest for Optimal Health #9

The Quest for Optimal Health

The third progression update. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Eating is finally Keto Progress #3

It’s been a wild quest so far. I survived the keto flu and have managed to ramp my calories up to just under 3000! To be straight honest it was not easy, the instagram stories you don’t see are the moments I was in tears watching eating motivation trying to stuff down food focusing on goals.

The progress I’ve made so far is small but nominal, however I’ve had to step back and re-access things after a big facebook chain today between me and one of my dads old friends. The guys a heavy body builder and recommended against keto and body building. Before he commented though I had a big chain with pretty much a complete stranger who tried to tell me keto doesn’t work. 

Him I shot down rather quickly, but my dads friend is the real deal, I still remember him knocking back 10+ capsules a day when him and my dad were roommates. All apart of his bodybuilding routine, so when he said it’s bad I genuinely questioned what I was doing. I’m not the type to be swayed by words alone but I do value a constructive argument and am absolutely open to alternative opinions.

So I did what I do best, I googled shit. Before I get to the results of my research we’ll quickly cover my progress for this cycle.

Gym Cycle #3

Shoulder pulldown
First set 121lb 6 rep
Second set 121lb 6 rep
Third set 110lb 6 rep

Shoulder press (Lock set at 8)
First set 50lb 6 rep
Second set 50lb 6 rep
Third set 50lb 3 rep

Tricep bench thing
First set 20lb 6 rep
Second set 20lb 6 rep
Third set 15lb 6 rep

Tricep pulldown
First set 44lb 6 rep
Second set 44lb 6 rep
Third set 44lb 5 rep

Chest press
First set 70lb 5 rep
Second set 60lb 4 rep
Third set 50lb 4 rep

Chest flys (Lock set at 3)
First set 100lb 6 rep
Second set 100lb 6 rep
Third set 100lb 6 rep



Wide grip Pull ups 8/4/3

Seated row
Set 1 80lb 6 rep
Set 2 70lb 6 reps
Set 3 70lb 6 rep

Bilateral arm curl
First set 40lb 6 rep
Second set 40lb 6 rep
Third set 40lb 6 rep

5minute grind

Bicep curls
First set 20lb 6 rep
Second set 15lb 6 rep
Third set 15lb 6 rep


Lying Leg curl
First set 60kg 6 rep
Second set 60kg 6 rep
Third set 60kg 6 rep

Sitting Leg curl
First set 120lb 6 rep
Second set 120lb 6 rep
Third set 120lb 6 rep

Leg extension
First set 120lb 6 rep
Second set 120lb 6 rep
Third set 120lb 6 rep

Leg press
First set 190 6 rep
Second set 190 6 rep
Third set 190 6 rep

Squat rack
First set 120 6 rep
Second set 120 6 rep
Third set 120 6 rep

How have things changed?

Finally as of last night I can get through my last meal without struggle, the last 25% is definitely still a stretch but I don’t feel like I’m going to die eating anymore. The goal over the next few cycles will be to return to a 16 hour fast as I’ve dropped down to a 10 hour to give myself enough time to actually eat what I need to, this will be the case until my stomach expands.

This cycles weigh in averaged 165lb between morning and night

All in all I’ve put on some weight and my gym numbers are climbing bit by bit. I definitely am feeling a sense of progression, just being able to eat the macros I need now feels like a massive accomplishment considering I was only eating 5/600 calories just a few weeks ago.

What about the research?

I dug really hard on the pubmed site for papers relating to hypertrophy and keto, and learned a bit more about the process itself. It definitely isn’t as easy to build on keto and the process got real scientific. So much so that I’m just going to do a whole piece on Keto Hypertrophy, it’ll be available on my keto page in the next few days.

In summarium though you would think the lack of carbohydrates would effect the bodies ability for hypertrophy due to glycolysis’s ability to create ATP but gluconeogenisis despite being normally prone to tear apart muscles, will be more then sufficient to generate glucose from excess protein.

Therefore should I not see the results I would like in a few weeks I’ll be upping my protein intake by 50/60g in order to compensate for the increased need for glucose during my training.

Though it may be easier to do things the old fashioned way, let’s just say I like the challenge that keto is presenting. Without carbs it definitely has created a tougher grind, but I am choosing the cognitive boost over the muscle boost. I’ll get there eventually and I’m not planning on competing anytime soon so I think I’ll be more then fine. Worst case scenario I can always go back to carbs :).

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