21 day keto 15

Welcome to day 15 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

It’s been two weeks since you started on this journey, time to reflect! Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Two week

You are almost there! I know it’s been quite the journey, you’ve probably dealt with everything from friends and family questioning your choices to you yourself questioning whether or not the diet it is even worth it? What a wild ride that must have been.

Yet you stuck to it!

I know it’s been hard, believe me I wanted to quit so many times in the first few weeks. But just like you I’m still in this and about now is where you should really be seeing a change in yourself. It’s time to take a look at all you’ve accomplished and relish in the glory of your pursuit.

Yes it’s time for the weigh in, don’t be worried if you haven’t made much progress because you are still figuring out your macros and diet. Those of you who’ve been following one of my meal plans should be seeing some serious results already and I congratulate you for sticking to it. So get yourself on the scale and let’s start the next week off with a bang! 

I bet your weight change is

You probably have already looked into the mirror and noticed the gradual change, but of course it’s when you step on that scale and do the math that you realize just how far you’ve come. Now this is only two weeks! Imagine what keto can do in a whole year? There are so many incredible transformation pictures out there of people and I hope you have one to!

I’d love to see your results, send in your 2 week before/after pictures!

How do you feel? If you haven’t made any progress whatsoever from the start of this challenge, I challenge you to recall what you’ve eaten. If you are measuring your food, eating in a caloric deficit/surplus you will most definitely have changed weight. 

However if you neglected to for whatever reason it’s very likely you were undereating or over eating both of which can have negative consequences for your results. But I trust you’ve been following along and have made some progress and if you went through the keto flu you definitely have lost at the very least that extra water weight!


I offer personalized coaching and nutrition planning services, while this guide and the keto page are enough for some people I know not everyone likes to piece things together. On top of that this has been a lot of reading you may not have digested everything and an hour long chat with me can clear up any confusion or questions you have in a more effective manner.

Click this link to check out my coaching page!

If you aren’t interested in coaching maybe consider supporting WSB on patreon, a monthly donation the cost of a coffee goes a long way!

Back to our regularly scheduled

So you’ve got 6 more days with me, I hope this experience has been helpful. I designed this program after receiving so many requests for help getting started with keto. I built the websites keto page but people thought it wasn’t enough they wanted to well be spoon fed.

That’s A okay everyone learns differently!

I know not everyone is going to be on the same page, and some of you may have even been skipping some of this content and that’s fine we all absorb things in different ways. This is the part where I ask for some feedback, I know things aren’t finished yet but you’ve made it pretty far and I’d love to hear about how this program has been working out for you!

Drop me an email through the websites contact form and I will 100% read and reply, or if you don’t like email feel free to slide into my DM. I love to see progress pics of people following my plan and I’ll even post your progress to my page if you give me your permission! 

That was Day 15, Congratulations on making it through two whole weeks of keto. I’m real proud of you so tomorrow I’ve got some special treats just for all the hard work you’ve put in 🙂

Have yourself an incredible day, see you in the morning!

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