21 day keto 14

Welcome to day 14 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

The last macro on our list… Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

What is

Incredibly vital to our everyday functions, protein plays many important roles within the bodies mechanisms. Protein is essentially a group amino acids that perform different functions based upon their individual molecular compositions.

Essential Acids

These Amino acids as the name suggests are vital for our bodies to function properly however we are unable to produce naturally in the body. Thus the only source for these essential amino acids is the foods that we consume, meaning it’s critical that our diet contains these proteins.

Non- Acids & Conditional

Unlike essential acids, these acids can be produced within the body from other chemicals in the bloodstream. Allowing for us to function even in the absence of certain food types and resources that would produce these essential acids. 

However for people at different developmental stages in life (Infancy, Puberty, Old Age etc.) or those who have certain conditions and diseases, production of these non-essential acids may be impossible or limited and thus they are deemed conditionally essential.

Protein in the body

When proteins enter the body they come in a tangled form and the body essentially untangles these protein chains and chops them up into little bits of individual amino acids. This process is facilitated by enzymes called Proteases. The acids then are sent throughout the body via the bloodstream and recycled into new proteins, muscle fibers and a whole slew of other things.

Diagram of the muscle protein synthesis process

So how does protein become

We know protein is essential for muscle building as the process of muscle growth takes places when there is more protein synthesis happening than breakdown. 

Exercise is simply the easiest way to induce protein synthesis as when muscles are strained more than normal the tension increases in the muscle fibers. This increased tension of course causes microscopic tears in the fibers which are then repaired by the body through protein synthesis.

That was Day 14, What this means for our diet is that it will have to include all of the essential amino acids required for bodily functions whether it be obtained from a plant source or meat those essential acids are clearly vital for just about everything we do!

Tomorrow it’s time for your two week check in! Have a lovely day!

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