21 day keto 9

Welcome to day 9 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

It’s time to get into some of the nitty gritty science details about keto! Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

The Science behind

You’ve felt the effects, you understand the ideas but what is actually going on in your body? Today we’re going to take an in-depth look into the processes that go on in the body during Ketosis. Things may get a bit complicated but I’ll do my best to keep things understandable!

What is a Ketone

Ketones or ketone bodies are the result of the breakdown of fats. The resulting product is the ketone that is then used as a source of fuel to power the body. Simple enough, but of course that’s only the surface of the science behind keto.

The ketones themselves are the thing that our body replaces glucose with, and when your body runs out of carbohydrates it will seek out fat cells stored within the body and empty them of ketones so that i can use them for energy. When they are not refilled the body eventually flushes them out of it’s system resulting in weight loss for you.

What is

We’ve been using the word for quite some time now but haven’t really dived into what it is. Ketosis is a reference to the state your body enters when it runs out of Glycogen. Glycogen is the by product of the breakdown of glucose that is actually usable as energy, unfortunately the rest gets used by a process called Lipogenesis which is the bodies fat storage process.

So when you cut out carbs you stop both of the above processes!

Because the body has no capacity to use glycogens as a power source, it ends up using the fat stored in it or the fats consumed while eating. This is of course what we want on the keto diet, the crazy part is the body actually runs more efficiently in ketosis then it does out of ketosis!

This is still only the icing on the cake, at the end of this piece I’ll have some sources for you to read through for a more in-depth explanation of all these concepts if you want to learn to truly gnitty gritty details. What you need to know mostly about ketosis is that it’s not just healthy for the body the science is pointing towards it being better then any normal diet!



Yeah it’s a big work I know,  it’s one of the two bi-products of the breakdown of fats. The other being Acetone, acetone is pretty much just dumped out of the body in both the urine and the breath which makes for that lovely Keto-breath you’ve heard so much about.

What about the beta hy…

Beta-hydroxybutyrate is what we are after, your brain prefers it as a fuel source over other sources. Eventually being on keto long enough keto breath will start to go away as your body begins to use more and more of the acetoacetate to convert as BHB instead of just making acetone. 

Think of it like your body slowly beginning to realize that it isn’t going to get the carbs it used to get and now it tries to figure out how to more efficiently use the ketone bodies it’s creating. What’s amazing about this whole process is that it happens automatically our body is like a super intelligent machine that is able to change it’s wiring on the fly… Incredible eh?

That was Day 9, I know not everyone is a fan of these complicated sciency posts but I feel like it’s really important to actually understand the process you are putting your body through. I hope that did a good job of explaining!

Have an amazing day, I’ll see you tomorrow for some cooking fun!

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