21 day keto 8

Welcome to day 8 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Today is all about taking inventory of your mind and body.. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

One week

Before we get started I want you to take a moment to congratulate yourself, you took the bold step not only deciding to make a major change in your lifestyle but you chose one of the most willpower intensive diets and survived your first week.

Be fucking proud that was no easy task

Today is all about taking inventory mentally and physically, how are you doing how are you feeling. What has been difficult, what is easy for you. Is the meal plan you are following working out or do you not like it? You need to completely and critically access your Keto routine and adjust if needed.

What to change and how to change it at the end of the day comes down to you, but I have some tips and tricks for you moving forward. Of course it’s also time for your first weigh in since you started, you may have already weighed yourself and if so that’s completely fine too! Week 1 is done!

Checking in

How does your body feel? If you’ve been following either of my meal plans you should have seen a shift in your weight anywhere from 5-10 pounds from the immediate water weight loss. Buried in there is a pound or two of fat that’s been melted away too!

I’d love to see your results, send in your 1 week before/after pictures!

I’m going to build a page on this website with all of the people who have gone through the challenge and submitted before and after pictures for me to post. I think it’ll serve not only as motivation for other people but as motivation for me to continue my work on here. 

You should feel really proud and happy about what you’ve accomplished and if you are noticing any bad feelings or pain please see a doctor you absolutely shouldn’t but of course there is always that 1/1,000,000 person that has some rare reaction to increased ketones or whatever. You should notice an overall performance increase physically though!

Checking in

How are you dealing with this new lifestyle? Are you finding yourself dealing with cravings in an emotional way and getting upset over not being able to eat carbs? Is the input of those around you positive or negative? Are you letting outside negativity affect your view of keto?

Please think about how keto is making you feel!

If you are absolutely miserable, perhaps the diet isn’t for you. I don’t want to tell anyone to quit, but if you are waking up angry or depressed that you can’t have carbs there are other ways to lose weight and you shouldn’t trade your mental health for a number on a scale.

Stay in tune with your mind and body, listen to your feelings but also remember your goal. Discipline is a necessary evil, at the time of writing this I had just finished stuffing myself with 6 eggs the last meal of the day. I was in actual tears my face was numb and tingling I was truly force feeding myself. 

It wasn’t fun it wasn’t a great experience but I know that I needed to intake those calories and I only had a certain window of time with my intermittent fasting. The discipline to force yourself to do the things you don’t want to do is what will propel you forward, not only in keto but in life as well.

That was Day 8, Congratulations on making it through your first week of Keto! Tomorrow we’re going to dig into some of the science behind what is happening to the body during Ketosis.

Have a lovely day, See you tomorrow!

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