21 day keto 7

Welcome to day 7 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Today we are going to have the most awkward talk of life…. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

It's time to talk about

Yeah, you’ve probably noticed your lack of smooth bowel movements. That is obviously causing you some discomfort and we’re going to talk about how to remedy the issue. 

You are lacking Fiber

Most of the carb filled foods you ate before were loaded to the brim with fiber, now you’ve suddenly stopped eating them and depending on how you built your diet you could be in a huge deficit for fiber. This is obviously a major problem for your body and there are of course several ways to remedy it which we will cover in today’s briefing.

If you have built a meal plan you are in love with and you don’t want to shift that to anything else or you are following one of the meal plans I provided and sticking to it like glue you are going to have to find an alternative method to intaking the necessary fiber to have healthy bowel movements.


Despite what you might think, fiber as a carbohydrate doesn’t actually effect your state of ketosis. As it isn’t broken down into glucose the same way most other carbohydrates are it straight up can be ignored from your diet, that means you can take a fiber supplement pill and be set.

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I know there are a million different supplements out there so I put a link to the one I recommend. It’s an affiliate link so we’ll earn a kickback but in no means am I saying you have to do that it’s just a nice way to help out.

If you aren’t a fan of amazon and want to instead get a product from a drug store, I’d make sure to do a bit of research into whatever supplement you choose. Find out the active ingredients and how well they are absorbed into the bloodstream, speak with your doctor if you feel it’s necessary!

Want to do it

Some people are just not into supplements, and that’s A okay. I know a lot of people feel weird about taking any type of medicinal supplement and so for that we’re going to look at some alternative fiber sources for those who want an all natural route.

Walnuts are your best friend

My bodybuilding keto diet has 100g of walnuts in it, this along with the little bits of fiber in the rest of my food allows for smooth bowel movements without any supplementation. If you are on the weight loss plan and don’t mind eating 2/3 of your calories in the form of walnuts then by all means go for it otherwise you will want to refer to the picture below for a list of some low carb fiber sources.

That was Day 7, that wasn’t so bad was it? It was a talk we had to have and it’s over and done with. You know how to get a smooth bowel movement and we won’t mention it anymore xD.

Have a fantastic day, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!

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