21 day keto 6

Welcome to day 6 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

If you’ve been following one of my meal plans to a tee… Today you should have woken up feeling like a million dollars!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Welcome to

You did it! (Or you are jusssstt about there) Following my plan and drinking cucumber water combined with avoiding cheating with carbs should have knocked the flu out of you already. You might feel slightly off still, but compared to what you felt the last few days you should feel incredible. You’ll want to make sure you are in ketosis, personally I used this product.

Check your Ketone levels with this guy. 

Now is where you will begin to see why keto is quickly becoming the most popular diet plan around. The weight is going to start falling off, your mind will become clearer, sharper, faster your whole life is going to change. I know that sounds like a joke but I really mean it Keto is not just a diet it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul. You just activated your bodies beast mode.

Of course, just because you’ve reached ketosis doesn’t mean bread will stop smelling amazing, or that chips and sugar candies won’t make you salivate. But you’ve made it through the worst part and once the weight starts to fall off you won’t even want to eat that candy, once you start seeing that number on the scale drop week in and week out you’ll get it.

It's time to reap the rewards of

I know I used that picture before, but if you’ve passed the keto flu you’ll understand it now. The state your body is in now is designed by nature to make you an ultimate hunter. The food you eat will be processed slower yielding more nutrients for your body then ever before, not to mention your body will actually use the fat that it’s been storing for so many years.

Fuck carbs, seriously fuck them fuck them fuck them

I want you to think about how you feel after a keto meal versus how you felt after eating a bowl of pasta or a bagel. As an italian believe me I fucking love a good bowl of pasta, but goddamn if I didn’t feel like garbage after eating a pile of carbs like my body had to put all it’s effort into digestion just so that I could enjoy that ground up and shaped wheat…

Your friends will be eating carbs like no tomorrow, and every day you will be getting healthier and more beautiful each day. They will begin to see the fruits of your labor and you will begin to feel the effects of ketosis in the coming days. Pay attention to your mental alertness, your focus and just your body and mind in general you will notice a sharp increase coming.

Remember to ignore the

Other people are often the worst thing for any diet, how many times has someone said to you oh it’s just a slice of pizza it won’t do anything bad. Or any other plethora of statements to try and break your focus, they haven’t done the research. They don’t have the same information you do and even if they do they don’t believe in it and you can’t listen to them.

Pack your lunches, prep your meals, eat your own food.

What hurts the most when on a diet like this is the levels of preparation required. You need to realize that this is a very strict diet, everything in the world is loaded with carbs, fuck even Ketchup is jam packed full of sugar. It’s going to be hard to eat out responsibly and you should avoid it for now.

Eventually you will learn what meals you can and can’t eat at all your favorite restaurants. You will learn to prep meals that you enjoy to eat and are easy to carry with you in a container in your backpack or purse, just like any other new thing you will have to learn all the ins and outs of keto and you will. Give it time, stick to your meal plan, weigh your food and hold!

That was Day 6, tomorrow we’ll be discussing a rather odd issue that comes along with keto. It’s going to be a bit awkward and funny but it’s something that has to be discussed so get ready!

Have an incredible day, and welcome to Ketosis!

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