21 day keto 5

Welcome to day 5 of 
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Feeling worse? It always gets darkest before the dawn…. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

The Flu

Todays post will be real short, if you didn’t hit the flu yesterday you are definitely feeling it now and if you had it yesterday it got worse today. I’m simply going to remind you about the remedies and give you a little pep talk to help you get through the rest of the flu.


If you are struggling and are feeling those tempations to quit now is not the time, there’s a term that the navy seals use during their training which is “don’t quit before daylight”. Until you get to the other side of the flu you’ll never know just how much better you could be feeling, right now it’s dark.

You feel like shit, you might even have migraines. You must persevere, I’m telling you on the other side of this flu is going to be an incredible transformation for your body. You will lose all that weight you want to lose, you will get into shape, you will feel better, and you will be happier. HOLD.

Gandalf is coming

If you’ve never seen lord of the rings that probably made no sense to you, in the movie there is a scene where a giant battle is going on and the orcs are wearing down the good guys. They’ve been fighting hard and are all slowly losing hope when finally just as all seems lost…

Gandalf appears at the top of the hill.

You will wake up in a day or two feeling better then ever as if gandalf himself came in the night and moved you into ketosis. Just stay focused, fight against the carb cravings and just keep drinking that water. 

In a week from now you’ll hardly even remember being in the state you are in, and you’ll laugh at yourself for wanting to quit when you were two steps from the gold. Just stay focused on your goal, you will reach it but now is the important part. Don’t lose hope, Gandalf is coming.

That was Day 5, If you followed one of my meal plans tomorrow your flu should break as long as you didn’t cheat or neglect to drink water. I know you feel like hell now but as I said Gandalf is coming hold the line!

I’ll see you tomorrow, have an amazing day. DRINK THAT CUCUMBER WATER!

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