21 day keto 2

Welcome to day 2 of
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Now that you are all ready it’s time to begin!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Time to start doing

By now you’ve gotten everything picked up from the grocery store, you’ve decided on your goal weight and know a bit about the diet itself. However knowing is only half the battle it’s time for you to actually get started now!

The First Day

If you are on the weight loss plan your first day will definitely be a hungry one, cutting your caloric consumption down to any value less then it is now will feel weird at first. Your stomach will growl waiting for more food and at the end of eating  a meal you will feel like you are still hungry.

This is okay your body needs time to adjust to the change in caloric intake and this will take several days. For now though you can rest assured that the hunger “pain” you feel is not real. Well by that I mean of course you do feel hungry but your body does not require a meal, just ignore the hunger sensation and as you progress through the days your body will adjust.

It's imperative you

Week one is the most critical, it’s where you will establish your keto habits. If on day one you are already eating out having random portion sizes you’ve already lost. You need to make sure your food is weighed and calculated so that in a few weeks when the real cravings kick in you are already used to the weighing and cooking process.

Make it a habit now and it will be easier to resist tempation later.

Trust me when I say the beginning is the hardest part, this next week will be a testament to your willpower. I encourage you to tack on intermittent fasting whether bodybuilding or completing weight loss. The hormonal changes from Intermittent fasting are so incredibly beneficial it’s mind blowing people still eat the standard breakfast/lunch/dinner.

While you might be tempted to cheat in this first week it’s really important to do whatever you can to resist that urge. If you are following one of my diet plans or you built your own make sure to check how many carbs excess of your food you are allowed and eat a snack! Daily treat yourself to something within your carb limits that will help ease all of your cravings it will help you so much in the long run it’s incredible

Don't forget to weigh

Working towards your goal you’ll want to keep track of your weight of course. I suggest one (naked) weigh in morning and night, as well as one picture a day. For the photo I highly suggest you don’t flex or suck in, take a completely neutral photo for an unskewed transformation picture later.

The weight loss is coming be prepared!

The first few days you’ll lose a ton of water weight so it’s super important that you drink lots and lots of water. Keto basically flushes your system of sodium and makes it harder to retain, this inadvertently will make you drop a few pounds very quickly. While this isn’t fat loss it’ll definitely make you happy to see :).

Personally I use a wicked scale that I got for dirt cheap on amazon myself, it tracks BMI/Body fat and a slew of other features. It’s bluetooth, and even has support for multiple users! Check it out yourself or click the picture!

That was Day 2, I wish you the best of luck today remember hunger is all in the mind and you can have a tiny cheat snack to help with the cravings. Tomorrow your body will begin it’s transition phase and I’ll be walking you through the process step by step, day by day get ready to see some results!

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