The Quest for Optimal Health #8

The Quest for Optimal Health

The second progression update. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Costco is cheap as Keto Progress #2

A few more days and it will be my first whole month of keto and intermittent fasting. It’s been an interesting journey none the less so far and I’m real happy about the results. When I started keto I was 75kg (165lb). 

Today I’m weighing in at 62kg (136lb), as far as I see it if you have the discipline to count those calories and live life in a deficit that’s almost a 30 pound loss… Now that I think about it that almost seem unhealthy, and yet I feel incredible.

This is absolute proof keto is definitely doing it’s job.

Gym Cycle #2


Shoulder pulldown
First set 110lb 6 rep
Second set 110lb 6 rep
Third set 121lb 2 rep

Shoulder press
First set 50lb 6 rep
Second set 50lb 4 rep
Third set 40lb 6 rep

Tricep bench thing
First set 20lb 6 rep
Second set 15lb 6 rep
Third set 15lb 6 rep

Tricep Pulldown
First set 44lb 4 rep
Second set 38lb 6 rep
Third set 38lb 5 rep
*Did the exercise wrong last week’s # are off

Chest press
First set 60lb 6 rep
Second set 60lb 6 rep
Third set 60lb 6 rep

Chest Flys
First set 100lb 6 rep
Second set 100lb 3 rep
Third set 80lb 5 rep



Wide grip Pullups 7/4/3

Seated row
Set 1 90lb 2 rep / 80lb 3rep
Set 2 70lb 6reps
Set 3 70lb 6 rep

Bilateral arm curl
First set 30lb 6 rep
Second set 30lb 6 rep
Third set 30lb 6 rep

5minute grind

Bicep curls
First set 30lb 3ra 2la
Second set 25lb 3ra 3la
Third set 20lb 6ra 5la


Lying Leg curl
First set 50kg 6 rep
Second set 50kg 6 rep
Third set 50kg 6 rep
45/45/45 6.6.6. (kilos) (lying)

Sitting Leg curl
First set 110lb 6 rep
Second set 110lb 6 rep
Third set 110lb 6 rep

Leg extension
First set 110lb 6 rep
Second set 110lb 6 rep
Third set 110lb 6 rep

Leg press
First set 180 6 rep
Second set 180 6 rep
Third set 180 6 rep

Squat rack
First set 110 6 rep
Second set 110 6 rep
Third set 110 6 rep


How is the diet going?

Changing up the foods I eat was absolutely key, switching over to scrambled eggs made eating the eggs easy as can be as I can maul those down so fast with Franks red hot sauce I love it!

The heavy whip cream was an ABSOLUTE success, I thought it was going to taste gross but when mixed with the scoop of whey holy crap it’s actually delicious o.0. I mean like the mixture tastes like icecream and only has 2 carbs!

As far as ramping up my caloric consumption I’m able to hit 2k calories now without feeling sick and will be amping it up over the next few days till I’m at the full 2750.

 Below are the results of my blood test, I will update & edit this page with my nurse friends analyses soon as I have no clue what this stuff means xD

Things are progressing and I’ll be starting to build up my muscle basis real fast I’m super excited to see progress and even more hyped to feel it. I’m well on my way to optimal health now all that is left is to stick to it!Overall the first week back into the gym marks a great starting point, I can’t wait to start racking up weights and seeing my body transform again. Thanks for reading I’ll see you in a few days with the next report!

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