21 day keto 1

Welcome to day 1 of
The 21 Day Keto Challenge

Your journey begins now, over the next 21 days we’ll be taking your from zero to Keto, help you lose (or gain) some weight and guide you along. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

It's time to do some

If you want to build your own diet head on over to this link there you can enter in the foods you are planning on eating and work your macros out on your own. For those who are lazy I’ve built two seperate diets one for weight loss and one for bodybuilding. Before we get to those however I want to make a quick note on costing out your diet.

Eating on a budget

If you are on a budget, dieting with keto is going to save you so much money it’s wild. Depending on your ability to eat the same thing everyday or not, and if you aren’t like that don’t worry it’s really not for everyone some people want to enjoy their meals some people want to enjoy the result.

Eating a wide variety of foods will cost you more as you will not be able to take advantage of bulk purchasing from costco, but if budget is not an issue feel free to add huge variation to your diet whatever makes you happiest and will help you stick to the diet is the most key factor. Below will be an image of a huge list of foods you can eat to build your diet from, the prices are not going to be accurate to where you live so just ignore those and focus on picking what you want to eat from the pictures!

Keto plan

It will be tough to cut your calories especially if you are used to eating a caloric surplus and have been gaining weight over time. However the one key thing you need to remember is hunger is not ADDITIVE it’s conditional, that means you won’t get more hungry over time because you eat less.  

Click here for the weight loss nutrition plan

Keep in mind this diet is really basic the reason being is I want you to get used to restricting yourself, and you’ll be diving right in. The plan includes 3 food sources to keep costs ultra low for those on a budget. You are welcome to build your own using that planner but if you want to keep things super simple for yourself you eat yogurt throughout the day and either snack on cheese all day or you simply skip snacking and just melt the cheese on your chicken for dinner. Keep it simple, recipes come later!

This means it truly is all in your head, knowing this is honestly half the battle. If you can wrap your head around that concept that no matter what you do not eating will never make you more hungry and that hunger will come in waves at the times your body is used to receiving food. You’re set!

As for the diet if you shop at costco pick up the canned chicken breast for 2$ a can, buy a few bricks of cheese and some yogurt and that’s it. How you eat that all will be up to you, personally when I take the chicken right out of the can throw it into a container and mix in a boat load of franks red hot sauce and eat as it it’s so delicious <3. 

If that’s not your fancy of course you can melt the cheese onto it and eat it that way. However you get the meal down is up to you and keep in mind you can add spices and seasonings too!

Keto plan

If you are looking to use keto for body building you are going to need a whole lot more food of course. Sticking keto with that much more intake is quite simple and I’ve built out a very basic meal plan that is super cost effective. The entire month will cost only 250$ CAD (From costco)

Click here for the bodybuilding meal plan

With this plan you are going to be eating a pretty delicious mix of food, you get a nice variety as you are eating more calories you can afford to add in other foods without making the costs skyrocket. You will need to purchase a WHEY protein supplement powder, I use OPTIMUM NUTRITION’s whey. From my research the protein is golden and as much as I love Thorne I gotta go with the value here as there is nothing wrong with ON’s whey.

Weighing out your portions will be key and of course bulk shopping will allow you to do this without breaking the bank. For the love of god if you are bodybuilding and don’t have a costco membership you are missing out. I absolutely promise you will spend less money overall if you fork over the 60$ for the costco membership you will not regret it!

Pictured below is what 23 days of eating will cost, take note though the whey will last three months so you can cut 44$ off and for the other 7 days of missing chicken walnuts and cheese it works out to 250$/mo CAD


That was Day 1, tomorrow you will begin. I’m serious about the binge, you may do keto for a month lose some weight and drop it or you might do keto for years and by gosh will you miss carbs. Get it out of your system, order some pizza, have some spaghetti or a big Philly Steak sandwich.

Just eat carbs like no tomorrow today, because tomorrow you go Keto :).

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