Planning out your meal prep

Planning out your meal prep

You’ve decided what you want to eat, and now comes that lovely task of preparing everything ahead of time to make sure you always have your food! Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

How do you

Without preparing foods in advance it is so much easier to cheat as when you don’t have your food ready and available… you walk by a subway… that smell of the sandwiches roasting travels it’s way up your nose to your brain and suddenly you’ve cheated.

But how do I prepare all my food in advance?

Cooking if you are anything like me (a chef) is fun, but to most the idea of having to even touch raw meat is off putting. No matter what level your love for cooking is on you will benefit highly from proper preparation.

The first step is of course to analyze your diet, are there foods that absolutely must be prepared the day of? For example avocados only last a few days in the fridge after being scooped out. Meal prepping all your avocados on day 1 would be a disaster as they’d all go bad. 

Carefully go through the foods you have selected and if you don’t know the shelf/fridge life of them google is your best friend! What’s your even better friend? TUPPERWARE CONTAINERS xD. You’re going to want one for each meal and that will allow you to cook, store and transport your food.


Eating like a dog

Iif an owner takes proper care of their animal they will feed them the exact same food every day in a measured amount. Which means their nutrition is the same every single day and thus they end up looking beautiful and being incredibly healthy.

The power of the scale

This then leads us to the scale, you will absolutely need a kitchen scale i personally use a mechanical one but I’d recommend an electric one as I will be switching to one myself soon it’s just a bit annoying to try and line up the lines.



The cooking process

So you have your containers, you have your scale and you know which foods can be prepared in advance and which ones will have to be done on the day of now it’s time to get to the cooking. I find personally I like to do my meal prep on days that I work, I don’t like to use my days off to do chores so getting it done before work is ideal for me but you may differ.

Find a time that works with your life schedule, if you’ve got kids that would get in the way definitely try to meal prep when they aren’t around it’ll make things go smoother, however once you get used to the process it becomes really simple and actually only takes slightly longer then a normal one meal cooking session and you will end up saving time every week!

So it’s time for you to get rolling! Meal prep might sound like a hassle but I promise you it will take you less then two hours, if you normally spend an hour a day preparing food you will save 5 hours a week! Once you get used to it you’ll end up doing it in about an hour saving you 6 hours of time every week! Whether you use that time to do something productive or watch a few episodes of your favorite show is up to you but enjoy the benefits preparation brings!

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