Monitoring your progress

Monitoring your progress

So you got past your first week, you conquered the Keto flu and are meal prepping like a wizard. How do you track your progress? Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Tracking your

First off if you are reading this after having done your first week of keto I want to congratulate you. This diet takes a much higher level of willpower then just simply lowering calories like other diets and you should really feel proud about that.

Tracking your Weight Loss/Gain

The first thing you will want to purchase to track your progress is of course a scale. Measure your weight morning and night completely nude and keep track of them in a journal. Keep in mind weight fluctuates throughout the day and day to day, however if you are in a caloric deficit depending on how much that deficit is. You should, no will be losing weight.

If for some reason you are not losing weight, you need to make absolute certain that your macros are in check. That might mean manually calculating the specific products you bought from whatever grocer/wholeseller you chose, that calculator is a great source but it’s not 100% accurate and you could be over or undereating!


Accurate Measurements matter

As you can see in the above image there is a reason it is imperative that you measure things based on the actual weight and not by volume. Just because your tablespoon says it’s a tablespoon doesn’t mean what you put into it actually 100% fits into it at the required amount. Don’t cut corners put your food on the scale hit the magic number and pack it up.

Monitoring your Ketones

If you are snacking on carbs or you cheated and want to check if you knocked yourself out of ketosis the simplest way to do so is to test your blood ketone levels. Now there are a few methods to this some being cheap and prickly, others being less accurate but cheap and of course the ultimate method being the most expensive but accurate technique.


  1. Blood Ketone strip kits
    •  These are very accurate but of course require pricking yourself with a device. For most people that’s not a big issue but a lot of people are terrified of the thought and it wont do for everyone.
  2. Breathalyzer
    •  These are the less accurate option, a cheap breathalyzer is unable to tell the difference between acetone and alcohol and will beep when it detects acetone. If you are in ketosis and you blow on one it’ll beep and the number will be 3mm/l and up!
  3. Ketonix
    • If money is not an issue and you want the simplest and most accurate method of assessing your ketone levels Ketonix is the product to go for. It works just like a breathalyzer except it’s designed to detect ketones and nothing else. Easy enough!


Be in tune with yourself

This is a diet that’s very intensive on willpower, the smell of carbs will illicit strong desires to cheat and it will honestly take a whole lot of mental focus to keep yourself disciplined and not knock yourself out of ketosis.

Be realistic with yourself, don’t get angry because you screwed up try to figure out why and learn from your mistakes. Personally I haven’t knocked myself out of keto, but I have a superhuman level of willpower some people might fail 5/6 times before they get through a week staying keto. Everyone is different and don’t feel bad because it took you a few tries.

At the end of the day it’s not a race and you aren’t competing, take your time adjusting to the Keto lifestyle and try to read and learn as much as you can about the science behind Keto as it will help your reasoning to keep going. 

I’ll leave you with one final tip, Pickles. For some reason these things are like an anti-craving shield, the moment you feel a craving for something you eat a pickle slice and it will disappear right away I have no idea why it works but GODDAMN has it saved me from eating french fries every day since I discovered it. 

Good luck in your Keto journey I hope this series has answered every question you have about Keto. I’d love to hear all about your progress and your experiences, DM me on instagram or email me here or even tweet me your progress photos, thoughts and opinions we’re all in this togethor!

“There is always a way”

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