What is Keto?

The Ketogenic Diet

So you want to know what all this keto stuff your friend keeps talking about is? In this article I breakdown the basics of keto. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

What is

Diets and fads come and go and yet Keto is actually one of the first wide spread diets that has existed. Differing from other diets which simply change the foods that you eat to reduce caloric consumption Keto relies on changing the way your body operates. 

Think of it like having a car with both an electric and gas engine, for the most of us our entire life we’ve been filling the car with gasoline. It runs even better on electricity but it’s much easier to just load up with gas as it’s readily available everywhere and pumping gas is just what we’re used to.

The Ketogenic state

So if the body runs great on gas why even bother switching? Well when you stop feeding your body carbohydrates it is forced to switch over to it’s “electric” engine. 

FOREWARNING, this process is not fun it’s been dubbed “Keto Flu” and for a few days while the body is making the switch you will feel weak and tired as if you had the flu. 

However as soon as that switch is flipped boy will you feel it, personally I noticed a sharp increase in mental alertness. I have higher levels of energy, tire less easily and am all around feeling much better in general. Whether or not the effects are placebo as far as I’m concerned are irrelevant as I wholeheartedly feel better so even if it’s just in my mind it’s still happening.


How do we enter “ketosis”?

Getting into ketosis is quite simple, the only difficult part is the self-discipline required to restrict carbs. This means no bread, no sugar, no wheat, no potatoes and a whole slew of every type of yummy carb filled foods. This requires fervent attention to product labeling, the only type of carbohydrate that doesn’t effect ketosis is Fibre which you can subtract from your total carbohydrate intake.

30 carbs or 6% of your caloric intake is the golden rule.

This means with some careful planning you definitely can spare some room to snack on a few chips or eat some candy every now and then to help with the cravings. Personally I save my 20 spare carbs for some nachos and delicious processed squeeze cheese at my work or a few sour candies a day. Trust me it helps to be able to eat something bad once a day, and with proper attention to macros it won’t knock you out of ketosis!



What about the Science?

I’m going to go in depth in a video as well as an article about the science behind Keto, and I will drop a link to that page here when it’s live. If you absolutely need to know now though check the sources at the end of this article for some great info on Keto!

So now you know what this “Keto” fad is all about, and I hope you realize it’s more then just a fad it’s a whole new way of living life. At the time of writing I’ve been doing keto for just about a month and can confirm all of the above, I’ve lost almost 15lbs of pure fat and am feeling absolutely incredible! If you want to embark on a keto journey click the button below to get started!

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