The Quest for Optimal Health #7

The Quest for Optimal Health

The first progression update. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

Eating is Keto Progress #1

So I’ve been Keto for just under a month now, it’s been an interesting challenge. What everyone says about the sickness is absolutely true the first few days after cutting carbs I was feeling incredibly weak, getting through the day at work was definitely a struggle and I noticed overall I felt like shit.

Flash forward a few days however and things changed up real quick I began to feel absolutely incredible, my mental alertness and focus had increased and my strength returned. I knew my body had flipped the Keto switch and ketosis was upon me.

The Transition into Body Building

As my goal with Keto is to gain the muscle and definition of a greek god, it was about time I started to ramp up the eating. Wednesday August 1st was the first day of increasing my caloric intake. I did a meal prep and made a few days worth of food as a test run and boy was the eating hard. 

My stomach has definitely shrunk from the caloric deficit as I found it tough to even down my first meal, I pushed myself to eating around 2000 calories by the end of the night and I felt absolutely disgusting. Eating those boiled eggs while already full as could be was a nightmare. 

DAY 1 Chest/Tricep/Shoulder

  • Shoulder pulldown 99/110 121@6 x1
  • Shoulder press 50/40/30 5.5.5
  • Tricep bench thing 15/15/15 6.6.6
  • Tricep pulldown 55/55/55 6.6.6.
  • Chest press 50/60/60 6.6.6
  • Chest flys 100/100/100 6.5.

DAY 2 Biceps/Back/Abs

  • Seated row 80/70/60 6.6.6.
  • Bicep curls 30/25/20 4.4.(5.5)
  • Wide grip Pull ups 4/(1.5)/1 
  • Bilateral arm curl 20/20/20 6.6.6.
  • AB DRILL 4 minutes

DAY 3 Leg Day

  • Leg curl 45/45/45 6.6.6. (kilos) (lying)
  • Leg curl 100/100/100 (sitting) 6.6.6.
  • Leg extension 100/100/100 6.6.6.
  • Leg press 140/140/140 6.6.6.
  • Squat rack 100/100/100 6.6.6.

The breakdown

Overall it felt great to get back into the gym despite my lack of strength, I know however muscle memory kicks in quick and things will be speeding along as soon as those noob gains make their way into me.

I was looking at several training programs and after a bit of studying I combined together exercises that are not only good for me but that I like doing. In the end the gym though for me at least is the easy part, I fucking LOVE working out the feeling of pushing past your limits and building the body up bit by bit is absolutely incredible.

Tomorrow will be a rest day with me starting back at day 1 on Sunday. I’ll probably do one of these updates every cycle at least for the first few months while things are still changing and developing at a rapid rate.

 Below is my day 1 photo, I’ll be throwing up a page solely for progression photos in the next few days and will be adding them all there going forward. I decided this time around to take all of my photos not flexing and not right after the gym to show my bodies baseline and will continue like this the whole way through.



What is the new diet?

Well as I said above, boiled eggs are garbage xD. I’ve converted the diet slightly removing the bacon and avocado instead subbing in heavy cream, cheese, and chicken breasts and of course switching the boiled eggs over to scrambled. 

You may be wondering where the last bit of missing calories and protein are, I’ve decided to use a whey protein isolate to finish off the diet. I found in the past drinking shakes to be real easy and combining the protein powder with some heavy cream will be delicious (I hope!). 

Below is the nutritional information as well as the measured amounts that I will be eating, I haven’t decided just how much of that I will try to eat these first few weeks but we will scaling up instead of going for the complete meal but in a few weeks that 2750 will be nothing to get down :).


Overall the first week back into the gym marks a great starting point, I can’t wait to start racking up weights and seeing my body transform again. Thanks for reading I’ll see you in a few days with the next report!

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