Building a Ketogenic Nutrition Plan

Building a Keto Nutrition Plan

Proper preparation prevents poor performance… It’s easy to screw up keto if you wing it, so I’m going to show you how to truly plan things properly. Short Read 1-5 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

So what do I

In the past few articles we covered what Keto is and how to develop a goal for what you want your body to look like. Now it’s time for one of the toughest parts which is deciding on your macros.

Eventually, I will code a calculator for this process but for now…

We have to do things the hard way, however I’ve found a great tool to help speed the process up. 


This website is absolutely incredible, you simply search for any type of food input the weight value you will consume and it will spit out all the nutrition info, then you can add in your other meals and see what your entire day of food will consist of!


Use this section to search for a food

Simple enough you type in whatever you want in the bar “Cheese” for example, it’ll bring you to a page with all sorts of different cheeses keep in mind the values won’t match exactly what you are buying the grocery store but the margin of error will be no more then 5-10% so it’s pretty solid!

Here you select the measurement units

This part is where I made some mistakes so be careful not to select the wrong value, I find the simplest way to do this is either use the 100g option or the 1g option and use the next column to tweak the value or weight.

Here you pick the weight or units

Finish things off by choosing how much of the previous column you will be intaking, for example in the image I have walnuts at 100g in the blue column and 1 unit in the green column. That equates to 100 grams of walnuts, one time. Where as for the beef I have it set to 1g x 100 units. Both accomplish the same result just be careful not to mix these up!

After you hit Save and Recompute…

The calculator then spits out a nutrition label with your meals entire make up conveniently added up. Below the nutrition label will be a super detailed breakdown of your micro nutrients, if you are not following my Quest for Optimal Health posts take a look at that link for my piece on micro nutrients.

Personally I will not be tracking them whatsoever as I will be using a multi-vitamin supplement. But if you are going to skip the multi-vitamin which I highly advise against due to the already difficult nature of hitting your micros even without being keto, you can use the detailed view to try and fulfill your micro nutrient needs. (Just read the article you will understand)

So now you know how to build the diet but what are you aiming for?

I’ve created a spreadsheet until I can devote the time to hard coding a calculator to do it for me on this site. For now the sheet will only work for those who are looking to build muscle on this diet, however in the next few days I will be updating it with a weight loss option as well. Stay Tuned!

Building the nutrition plan is definitely the lengthiest part besides the meal prep before you can begin, take your time and remember you have to eat this food day in day out so try to choose things you actually enjoy eating it will make sticking to the diet that much easier. I sure as hell couldn’t eat 6 boiled eggs a day…

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