Accessing Your Goals

Accessing Your Goals

Keto can be used for both weight loss and muscle gain, figuring out where you want to end up is the start point of course!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

What is your

When most people make an effort to change their diet lifestyle it usually begins with a desired weight number. Most people want to drop X pounds to fit into a bikini or to lose a muffin top. Accessing where you want to end up is really up to you but it will have a big impact on the Time Frame.

Ask yourself if you could simply pick… What would you want to look like?

Personally I want to become the embodiment of Adonis from greek mythology, I mean the guy was literally so handsome that goddesses were vying for his love and affection. While I might not make ever make aphrodite come out from the sky for a tinder date I can damn well try!

Once you’ve decided on your goal weight the real work begins, as the homepage on this site says it begins with a single step. However just saying you want to “Lose weight” is not going to help you, it truly helps to have a definitive number or look in your mind to help keep you focused.


Need some help deciding?

Attached below is a handy chart of body types, don’t be ashamed if you are not where you want to be. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born looking the way he does it took years of dedication to his craft and hard work to achieve the body he did. 

My man used to go to the gym for 5 hours a day, as someone who gets my whole workout done in less then 40 minutes usually I can’t even envision what I’d do in the gym for 5 hours let alone 2. Personally years ago I weighed only 110 pounds a far cry from Adonis that’s for certain, but take things one day at a time and any goal is achievable with enough work!

With a goal in mind the next step is to build your nutrition plan, in the next article I’ll be showing you a great tool you can use to plan out your meals as well as providing sample meals for different caloric targets! Just click the button below to start reading!

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