The Quest for Optimal Health #6

The Quest for Optimal Health

Finally putting everything togethor I’ve created my meal plan!. Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

The resulting optimal

If you’ve been following since the beginning you’re probably as eager as I was to see what the finalized diet will be after my research. So without further ado I present the finished product I’ll leave this article pretty basic as the previous pieces all had the reasoning behind everything here this is simply the culmination of that effort, I’ll be reporting on the results as time goes by!

The Diet consists of every bit of macros we need to promote muscle growth while keeping the body in a ketogenic state. It’s not the most… delicious diet but of course anyone who dabbles in body building is already familiar with the concept of food as fuel not flavor. You are of course welcome to alter and change this regimen but I’ll be eating for purpose not for pleasure. 

The Nutritional Information

The concept is simple, as I’ll be IF (intermittent Fasting) we have 8 hours to consume this all which is the hardest part. I predict the first few days will be incredibly tough and will be physically a bit of torture for my stomach like it was a few years ago. But I will get the food down and crush it at the gym!


Well the only thing left now is to get started, here we go!

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