The Quest for Optimal Health #4

The Quest for Optimal Health

Now that we’ve learned about the macro nutrients, we’re going to take a look at how much of each nutrient we should be consuming on a daily basis! Short Read 1-3 mins.

By Cassius Fragomeni

What is the Macronutrient intake?

We’ve spent the past few articles covering macronutrients and their uses. It’s time to bring it all back home with some real hard practical knowledge. At the end of this article there will be a link to a public Google Sheets document I have created and will be updating. In the spreadsheet you will be able to simply input your measurements and the sheet will spit out your dietary recommendations. The first edition of this sheet will be geared towards muscle building eventually i will reiterate it and have it able to generate recommendations for weight loss.

How Much Protein?

The general formula for calculating how much protein a person should intake is given by the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) = .75g per kilogram. This is for people who are living just a normal live without intensive exercise for the purpose of protein synthesis. For those of us that want to make those phat gainz it’s going to take a lot more protein and as we know the body can breakdown excessive protein into essential acids we will want to consume 3g/kg.

This is 4x the recommended value and while you might think there would be some sort of negative effect to increased protein, and there totalliy is except just like how it’s impossible to kill yourself from smoking too much weed I would be absolutely bewildered if you somehow managed to eat enough protein to kill yourself seeing as the small intestines can digest 500-700g’s of protein at once!

How much Carbs?

Now this is going to take a complete off-ramp from where most bodybuilding diets will take you. Normally you will consume anywhere from 30-60% of your calories from carbohydrates as your body will be using more energy from them while not in ketosis. 

However we are taking a modern approach to health and are using what we’ve learned with science about hormones to alter the way our body works. By restricting our carbs to a maximum of 6% of our total caloric intake we will induce the body into ketosis and thus that 6% is our target.



How Much Fat?

This part is real simple, as we have specific values to reach we simply calculate proteins/carbs first and then the remaining calories go right to fats. Keep in mind of course we want to be eating the right kinds of fats as discussed in the article on fats. (Unsaturated)

Now armed with the knowledge of how to optimize your macronutrients we’ll soon be looking at their little brother micronutrients. Before that though I will be analyzing and tweaking the diet I prepared before all of my research to see how it changed with what I’ve learned!

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