The Quest for Optimal Health #0

The Quest for Optimal Health #0

How does one attain “Optimal Health” and what exactly even could be considered optimal health? I embarked on a journey to find the answer to that very question…

By Cassius Fragomeni

The journey begins with a single step…

     All my life I haven’t exactly been in optimal health, while I have been blessed with a clean bill of health and no major debilitating diseases or conditions I did however grow up broke as fuck.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized pasta with butter wasn’t a delicious treat and was actually just my mom feeding us the bare minimum so she could allocate her resources elsewhere.

Having grown up with a lack of access to proper nutrition it’s clear as day to me why I’ve been a twig all my life. To make matters worse I was fully aware of our financial status and as a result I would eat less food, and never ask for things as even if she had the money I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking.

Flash forward to now, I’m an adult living on my own and I need to deal with the eating disorder I developed as a result of the above conditions. A few years ago I made the decision to bulk up, I ate like an animal and went from 110lbs all the way to 170. I was so embarrassed by how small I was I even lied in my progress pics and said I started at 125. I didn’t want people to know how bad it really was.

“It wasn’t until a friend straight up gave me some mass gainer and motivated me into the gym that I decided enough was enough and it was time to start eating like a man as lame as that sounds” 

     As time went on and when I reached that peak in the second picture, I started to look at myself in the mirror and think I was fat thus began one of the darkest chapters in my life. I ended up losing everything dropping right back down and sinking into my old habits of video games and weed.

Flash forward to now, it’s time to start again and do things even better this time. I’ve learned from my mistakes along the way and evolved as a person in general. This time around I’ll be conducting research into every aspect of nutrition and bodybuilding necessary and will of course be gifting that knowledge to you guys in the form of articles, videos and e-books.

So without further ado let the quest begin!


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