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The Story Behind WSB

Where did this website come from, why was it created, and of course Hello World!

By Cassius Fragomeni

Wisdom, Strength, Beauty compose life’s three keys to success…

My name is Cassius James Rakim Fragomeni in my effort to pursue success for myself I’ve searched high and low for methods. I’ve tried a whole slew of things and read an even bigger pile of information on everyone else’s methods.

At the end of the day though, the three key principles that all successful people show are Wisdom, Strength and beauty. In our society we value these three things above all else.

Wisdom can be quantified as both knowledge and understanding both of which all successful people have whether it be specialized knowledge in their field of interest or a broad depth of knowledge that they use in a variety of situations adapting to the circumstances as needed.

Strength in our modern age is quite simply ones capacity to exert power over others. Whether that is through the use of a vast store of wealth to do anything from starting a business to changing the very landscape to suit ones whims through construction and engineering or by ones own hands.

Beauty despite what the body positivism movement may tell you, our society loves beautiful people. While a lot of beauty is genetics and some people are just dealt a really shitty hand nothing can stop you from working on your health and improving your physique which in turn brings respect and admiration from others the same way natural beauty commands it.

“All successful people have a combination of one of these three attributes, some have more of one then others but you can’t be successful without one of these three principles”

So with this knowledge how can one develop and train these three attributes? That’s what this blog is all about, I myself am embarking on a journey of self-development and improvement and I invite you along for the ride. I will be reading and learning as much as I can while also publishing the knowledge I gain on here for you guys.

I haven’t quite decided the order of things and the site will be built brick by brick, however as my current focus is my physical health the first attributes we will be working on will be Strength & Beauty. Getting my diet in order, building my training regiment and logging and recording my results will be the primary goal for now.

I hope you all get as much use out of this site as I do,


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